Holy Boobs Batman!

Hey boys!! I hope y’all are having a fantastic weekend! I know that I’m enjoying every second of it. I love this time of year….It’s starting to cool down. The leaves are starting to change and fall.  Football has started and been totally awesome so far! I get to wear my comfy sweatshirts and don’t forget about my tight sweaters! I know y’all love you some sweater boobies!! This time of the year also means cozy nights in front of the fire..cuddling with a cute boy or two. Any volunteers?? *giggle* I know I haven’t been around too much this summer…so that’s another reason to love the fall. I will be back to hosting my LIVE web-cam shows several times a week!  It gives me a chance to tease you boys and drive you absolutely wild with my huge naturals!

Tonight I was at Starbucks…I decided to go inside because the drive-thru line was ridiculously long. So I’m waiting in line for a very long time. I didn’t know so many people had came in behind me. Anyways…I paid and I was waiting for my drink and this boy in line just totally was staring at my boobs. Like he wasn’t even trying to hide it. So..I’m waiting for my name to be called and this boy decides to get on his celly and I hear him talking about how big my boobs are. He was like…holy boobs batman to the person on the other end. I couldn’t help but to laugh and roll my eyes. As I passed the line on my way out the door an older man looked up at me and just gulped and smiled as he also starred.  I thought wow…the first guy was prolly 19 and this older man was prolly in his late 60’s. Doesn’t matter the age they are all boys and they all love my boobies!!

Oh…and I’m live right now on my web-cam! Grab your free screen name..it only takes a couple minutes and you will be watching me bounce my boobies before you know it! I also added new pics to my free fan-club! Here are a couple for you now!  *mwah*




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RichieSeptember 19th, 2010 at 2:37 pm

That you are going back to a more frequent schedule is the best news I’ve had all wek! Can’t wait! And I really enjoyed your story about your trip to Starbucks. Totally believable!

That negligie you are wearing looks a little frizzled around the edges. Those big whoppers that are crowded into it might pull it apart any time now.

So good to have you back.

BoobsTodaySeptember 20th, 2010 at 5:32 pm

Yes, it doesn’t matter the age. We all love your boobies… thanks for sharing them!

Oh and thanks for the FollowFriday love last week (I’m @boobstoday on Twitter) — I’d follow your 38H’s anywhere…

tentimbersSeptember 20th, 2010 at 11:03 pm

“I’d follow your 38H’s anywhere.”

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