Ask Casssidy!

Hi everyone! I’m opening a bottle of wine and I will meet you in my video chat room!! I know you want to see me on my webcam! Don’t be shy…sign up for free!

Round1) Just Ask Me:

1 – Who was the last person you texted?  My mom :)

2 - Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend? :( I cheated one time and I really regretted it.  My b/f was a good guy who really loved me, and I was so sexually attracted to a guy I met one night while out. The sex was incredible! I hope that I would never cheat again. Not a proud moment. For sure.

3- What are you thinking right now? Ummm…thinking about what wine I should open :)

4- Do you believe that first true love never dies? Well…kinda. I mean I think your first will always be so special.

5- Are you good at holding back your tears? Yes..I am. ;)

6- Do you have troubles sleeping at night? I do from time to time. If I have a lot on my mind I tend to have many sleepless nights. I think I have kinda just gotten used to it. Sadly.

7- Name someone you can’t live without. My furbaby, Sweetpea. She is the love of my life. <3

8-  Do you like to cuddle? When I want to cuddle..yes I love :) I just don’t like when some guys want to cuddle too much.

9- When angry, do you get loud or quiet? Oh..I get loud. ;)

10- Zodiac sign ? I’m a Leo *rawwr*

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