Holy Boobs Batman!

Hey boys!! I hope y’all are having a fantastic weekend! I know that I’m enjoying every second of it. I love this time of year….It’s starting to cool down. The leaves are starting to change and fall.  Football has started and been totally awesome so far! I get to wear my comfy sweatshirts and don’t forget about my tight sweaters! I know y’all love you some sweater boobies!! This time of the year also means cozy nights in front of the fire..cuddling with a cute boy or two. Any volunteers?? *giggle* I know I haven’t been around too much this summer…so that’s another reason to love the fall. I will be back to hosting my LIVE web-cam shows several times a week!  It gives me a chance to tease you boys and drive you absolutely wild with my huge naturals!

Tonight I was at Starbucks…I decided to go inside because the drive-thru line was ridiculously long. So I’m waiting in line for a very long time. I didn’t know so many people had came in behind me. Anyways…I paid and I was waiting for my drink and this boy in line just totally was staring at my boobs. Like he wasn’t even trying to hide it. So..I’m waiting for my name to be called and this boy decides to get on his celly and I hear him talking about how big my boobs are. He was like…holy boobs batman to the person on the other end. I couldn’t help but to laugh and roll my eyes. As I passed the line on my way out the door an older man looked up at me and just gulped and smiled as he also starred.  I thought wow…the first guy was prolly 19 and this older man was prolly in his late 60’s. Doesn’t matter the age they are all boys and they all love my boobies!!

Oh…and I’m live right now on my web-cam! Grab your free screen name..it only takes a couple minutes and you will be watching me bounce my boobies before you know it! I also added new pics to my free fan-club! Here are a couple for you now!  *mwah*





Hey boys!! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Some of you may know that I was away for a bit…I had to have an important surgery. No worries tho! I’m done recuperating and I’m feeling better than ever!

I have updated my fan-club with lots of naughty pictures! Make sure you join for free and enjoy over 10thousnad pics and videos!! I’m going to be on web-cam all night long! Join me for some button bursting boobies bouncing fun! Click pics to enlarge. xoxo



Big Black Dick..

Hi guys! It’s Saturday again!! The day is passing me by so fast cause I didn’t even wake up until noon! I can’t remember the last time I was able to sleep in like that. I went out last night for my birthday and had a great time! Dancing, drinking and laughing with a few of my girl friends.  We went to my favorite country club. I love to country line dance!! Anyways…we were all doing shots and having so much fun. Every time a guy would ask to buy me a shot or a drink…I would only say yes if they bought a round for all my girls. Lets just say by midnight we were totally wasted! In a good way tho! ;) The last thing I remember was getting home and saying goodnight on twitter using my phone. I must have passed right out cause I woke up with the phone still in my hand.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. It’s Saturday evening and I’m still unsure what my plans are for tonight. I dunno if I want to go watch the UFC fights with friends or stay in and play with you on my webcam!  Maybe I will go out and then come home and play. Not sure yet. haha! I did just upload 25 NEW HD photos to my FREE FANCLUB! Whatever I decide to do…I will see u soon! xoxo

These new pics were by request…several requests wanting more pics with the big black dick. Click to enlarge! Enjoy!





Hey boys! I just added NEW pictures to my free fan-club!! Also a new video will be up tomorrow! I know you will love it! My boobs are bouncin all over the place!! *smiles* I hope everyone is having a great night! I know it’s late, but I just got home and I’m ready to have some fun! Who wants to join me? ;) I’m logging into my LIVE webcam right now!

This is me right now! Take 2 mins and get your free membership!!!




Summer time..

Hey guys! It’s finally that time of year!!! I love everything about summer! Well..almost everything. I know I probably spend a little less time having bouncy fun with you guys on web-cam, but I know a lot of you are online less too! I have been spending a lot of time at the CWS games. I was hoping TCU or Clemson would make it to the finals, but that didn’t quite work out the way I hoped. ;) The championship games start Monday night and I will be rooting for UCLA. Nothing better than sun..beer and baseball this time of year!  I just got home from boating…It was a little cloudy today but still beautiful on the water! I’m going to shower and then I will spend tonight LIVE on my web-cam with you guys!! It only takes a couple minutes to fill out the free registration if you’re not already a member! Hope you’re ready for some fun…I know I am. *grin*

I love this pretty bra! Thank you for sending it Omar! xoxo


I look good in green..don’t I ;)

I had a fantastic long weekend! Lots of fun with family and friends. I always love those relaxing weekends at the lake with good drinks…good food and fun in the sun!! I also went to the zoo! As most of you know I love love love animals!! I think my favorite part was the baby tree kangaroos! I wanted to take one home…they were adorable!!! I also went bowling with some great friends. Bowling and boobs really don’t mix so well. I was trying to hold the ball up to my chest to start out like everyone else was…but my boobies were just ummm sticking out too far. I think the highlight of mine and everyone else in the alley…was when I got my strike!!! I turned around and started jumping up and down with excitement! OK..I guess I did a lot of  jumping up and down. What can I say…I get excited easily!

I’m logging into my web-cam chat in just a few minutes!! Stop in and see me and my bouncing boobies!! Oh and I added tons of new pics inside my free fan-club! Enjoy a few teasers here!!  I always support current and past troops! Yay…USA!!







Sunday Sex!

Hi boys!! I can’t believe that I actually woke up in time for my step class today. You guys wore me out in video chat last night! I think I was up playing til early morn hours! I’m sooo not complaining tho! Pleasure overload is never a bad thing! I just got home and I’m ready for round 2. *ding* I’m live right now on my web-cam! Get your free membership and come see me! I will be adding new photos and videos all weekend for my fan-club members! If you’re not already a member…you can join for free! Takes about 2 mins! Then welcome to big boobies heaven!!!! Here is a couple teaser pics! I’m really straining this button up! No bra in the last pic!!!! Byeeeee!




Win a cam play date with me!!

I hope everyone is having a great week-end! It’s been storming here all day…so I’m spending my Sunday inside on my webcam! I will be in my free chat room all day! Stop by and see me…I’m feeling naughty today! We can even go private if you want! *grin* I’m adding a contest to my fan-club today. Try your luck on how well you know me…and win a 30min webcam chat show with me. Total boobie heaven!!!! Just register for your free screen name here! I’m adding tons of new pics today along with a new video inside the club. I know you will love!  xoxoxo

Fanclub Fun

Hey guys!  I wanted to let you know that I’m doing a free show tonight for all my fan-club members! My show will be tons of bouncy fun and maybe even some oil! Midnight! (Central time) If you’re not already a fan-club member…you can join right now. It takes about 2 mins and It’s FREE membership! See you there tonight! I’m also going to be LIVE all night too!

Here are a few awesome gifs that my friend Chris made for me…taken from one of my new videos. You can see the full video inside my fan-club! xoxoxoxo



I wanted to share with you one of my favorite sites! If you like boobs..which I know you do! Check out www.boobster.net! Tell them Casssidy sent you!

I’m LIVE on my web-cam right now! Join my FREE fan-club now for all my naughty pics and vids! Click the pics to see full size!! xoxox