Saturday webcam fun

Hi guys! I hope you’re having a good weekend so far! I just woke up a little big ago, and I’m feeling so horny! More so than normal. :) Instead of staying in bed I decided to roll out and have some webcam fun with you! If you want to join me for some private naughty time….you know where to find me and my big boobies! *giggle* I will be online all day! Here are a few pics for you! I will be waiting! xoxo





Hey guys! I hope you’re having a fantastic day! I dunno about where you are, but here in the Midwest we are seeing a summer like day! I took a beautiful walk down by the lake with all my doggies. I laid out a blanky and read a book while they ran around. It was just a perfect afternoon! I really hope this warm weather is here to stay. After moving from Florida, I sure have missed the warm sunny days! day got even better. I have been on my live webcam for the past couple hours just having tons of naughty fun! :) I did want to share a video with you. Yes, It’s a teaser, but a good one! No worries tho…It’s available for download inside my fanclub! Another great reason to be inside my club…my free shows! Tonight I will be holding LIVE free webcam shows at 6PM and 1AM. I hope you guys can make it in for some bra busting boobie bouncing fun! I always aim to please! xoxo


You boys wore me out tonight! :) I had an absolute blast on webcam! Even tho now I have another top that needs new buttons and who knows if that chocolate syrup will come out of my pretty BCBG shirt!! It was sooo worth it! *grin* I wish I could have stayed up longer, but I have an early appointment.  Girls gotta get her beauty sleep ya know!  :)  Look for me tomorrow on webcam! I should be online about 4ish PM and will stay all night! I also have some new photos and a video to upload to my fanclub! So watch for that!  Sweet Dreams! xoxo


Who says Mondays suck..

I cannot believe the week-end is over already!  It was fun while it lasted! :) Saturday I went shopping with a few friends. A trip to the mall  is always fun for me, but my friends get so envious when we try on clothes. You should see them when I come out of the dressing room. I’m always showing off cleavage or something tight and sexy! They all wish they had even half of my big boobs! I try to make them feel a little better, telling them what a pain it is sometimes to find tops that fit and how I’m constantly dropping food on myself. I say It’s a pain, but I  really do love  my big boobs and I wouldn’t trade them for anything! I did buy a couple new  tops…a  bra and pantie set and a super cute JUICY bag for spring!  It was a very productive day at the mall!  *grin* 

I had tons of fun this week-end on my webcam and I will be online again tonight! I can’t wait to show you all the new stuff I bought! Don’t forget to check out my fan club! I added 2 new picture sets and a new video! Trust me when I say…you must see this video!! I was wearing a super tight button up top, talking about how my boobs have grown recently and to my surprise…..Oops. Use your imagination on what happened next or better yet go download it and set it on loop! :)  I know…I’m so bad!  Well…I need to go jump in the shower!  xoxo



Feeling playful…

Hi boys!  Are you still awake? I just got home and I am feeling sooo sexy! I’m starting a free show right now for all my fanclub members! I hope you can join me for some late night play time on cam. *grin*  Here are a couple new pics too! See you in a few! xoxo




Welcome to CasssidyBlog.Com

Yay!  Welcome to my official blog!  I love the idea of  being able to share myself with you guys!  I’m sure I will be posting a lot…rather It’s life things…randomness or showing off my big boobs for all you guys who adore big naturals! *grin* Just a place to have fun and keep all my fans posted on my web cam chats and fan-club updates!  Bookmark me now, and check back often! I would love to hear from you guys!   xoxox