Matching pink tops

Here is a nice photo of me and my little pup wearing matching pink tops in live on webcam the other day:

And by “my pup” I meant my little pug, and not my sweater puppies! LOL

Hope you can join us and have some fun with us!

Buttons are not my friends..

This is what happens every time I decide to wear a button up shirt in my live webcam shows:

Busty Casssidy Morgan Live Webcam

Busty Casssidy Morgan Live Webcam

Busty Casssidy Morgan Live Webcam

Busty Casssidy Morgan Live Webcam

Check out my live webcam right now, and see what Im wearing today. I can promise you that whatever it is, it wont stay on me for long. Hihihi. ;)


Time for cam fun with Casssidy!

I’m going to be LIVE on cam tonight wearing this outfit. Join for free and have some fun with me!

Good webcam times!

Been having a blast on my webcam tonight! I will be back on for MORE in just a bit! xox

Ask Casssidy!

Hi everyone! I’m opening a bottle of wine and I will meet you in my video chat room!! I know you want to see me on my webcam! Don’t be shy…sign up for free!

Round1) Just Ask Me:

1 – Who was the last person you texted?  My mom :)

2 - Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend? :( I cheated one time and I really regretted it.  My b/f was a good guy who really loved me, and I was so sexually attracted to a guy I met one night while out. The sex was incredible! I hope that I would never cheat again. Not a proud moment. For sure.

3- What are you thinking right now? Ummm…thinking about what wine I should open :)

4- Do you believe that first true love never dies? Well…kinda. I mean I think your first will always be so special.

5- Are you good at holding back your tears? Yes..I am. ;)

6- Do you have troubles sleeping at night? I do from time to time. If I have a lot on my mind I tend to have many sleepless nights. I think I have kinda just gotten used to it. Sadly.

7- Name someone you can’t live without. My furbaby, Sweetpea. She is the love of my life. <3

8-  Do you like to cuddle? When I want to cuddle..yes I love :) I just don’t like when some guys want to cuddle too much.

9- When angry, do you get loud or quiet? Oh..I get loud. ;)

10- Zodiac sign ? I’m a Leo *rawwr*

Pigtails night!

Hey guys! I’m live on my webcam right now! Hope you like girls in pink, with pigtails and big cleavage! xoxo

Baseball night!

It’s a great night for a baseball game! See you later on my webcam guys! xoxo

White top night!

I’m LIVE on Casssidy Morgan webcam!!! Free show tonight for my fans!! Hope you like the white top Im wearing. xoxo

Meet me LIVE @ midnight!

Hey guys! I’ll be hosting a free naughty webcam show @ midnight! Do you have ur FREE screen name ready? xoxo

It’s been a long time..

.. since I last blogged here! So, come have some fun with me. I’m live on my cam!!!! FREE screen-name!!